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You will get free books if . . . you check this out

‘This’ is the Andy Zach at Barnes and Noble author appearance. How will you get free books? Read and find out!

First, I, Andy Zach signed books and chatted with fans from 1 to 3 PM at Barnes and Noble in Peoria.

Here was the setting before the press of excited Zombie Turkeys fans closed in around the table:

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Scene of Andy Zach’s book signing at Barnes and Noble in Peoria

People came by and I signed volume 1 of my Life After Life Chronicles Zombie Turkeys.

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Zombie Turkeys print book. Click to download.

Some fans asked me about volume 2, My Undead Mother-in-law, which is also available at Amazon.

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Click to download the book.

Several people asked me what inspired me to write these books. For Zombie Turkeys I said simply, “We fried a turkey and ate it. Around the dinner table someone said, ‘What if the turkey came back to life?’  ‘A zombie turkey!'”

“That thought thrilled me. What if turkeys came back to life as zombies? What a perfect way to satirize the whole zombie genre! So I wrote Zombie Turkeys in November 2015 for NaNoMo, national novel in November month. Click to find out more.”

What about My Undead Mother-in-law? And how do we get free books?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Where Zombie Turkeys focuses on zombie turkeys, in My Undead Mother-in-law I ask and answer the eternal question, “What should I do if my in-laws are zombies?”

Let’s start with the famous undead mother-in-law herself, Diane Newby.

get free books
Diane Newby, hosting her children for dinner.

Here’s Diane’s description from My Undead Mother-in-law:

“You know I love your mother. But your mother’s a zombie. Who wants to see one zombie, let alone four of them?”
“Now that’s not fair. Mom and Dad have adjusted to their zombiism very well. Mom still volunteers at church and bakes cookies and pies for the bake sales.”

Diane greeted us at the door. “Hello, my love!” She hugged Karen.

Karen barely flinched as she looked into her mother’s bright-red eyes. But she grunted “Ugh!” at the force of her embrace.

“Ease up, Mom.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Hello, Mom,” I said as I hugged her as hard I as could.

She hugged me back twice as hard.

“Ugh,” I grunted too.

Diane still had blond-highlighted brown hair, as she did when I first met her. She’d gained a pound or two though. She smelled of the body talc White Linen. I recognized it because Karen and I bought it for her birthday last year, pre-zombie. And she still wore her cat-eye reading glasses on a chain around her neck.”

No doubt you want to know more about Diane and her offspring. Next, I’ll tell you how to get my books for free.

Get free books by doing this

What do you think? Sacrifice your first born child? No. A chicken? No. A turkey? A good guess, but no.

You just have to write to me and promise to review my book, either Zombie Turkeys or My Undead Mother-in-law. Heck, you can cut and paste someone else’s review! Here they are, click here.

You can contact me here (click) and make your review promise. Or you can follow the next instructions.

But Andy, I don’t like to write! How can I get free books?

Glad you asked! Here is the final way you can get free books. Sign up for my newsletter. Each month I give away a free book to one of my subscribers. Just click here and enter your email.

That’s all for now!

This will make you laugh
Click here to get the print copy of My Undead Mother-in-law.

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