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Posted On 07/27/2017 | Last Updates On 07/27/2017 | admin

Get Your Free Zombie Turkeys Book – Click Within An Hour!

Here it is. Click the clock or lose your Free Zombie Turkeys book.

Free Zombie Turkeys Book
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Take it from the Steve Miller band:

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Besides Free Zombie Turkeys Book, Do You Have Any Other Free Books?

You bet! Every week I send out my newsletter with free fantasy book offers. I don’t guarantee they’re as good as Zombie Turkeys or My Undead Mother-in-law, but they’re free. Click here, enter your email, and you’ll get some this week.

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But that’s not all! Once you join the newsletter, your email is placed in a monthly drawing for your pick of any of my products: Zombie Turkeys, My Undead Mother-in-law, Zombie Turkeys audio book, and Zombie Turkeys Graphic Novel.

My Undead Mother-in-law Breaking News

Now hear this, you turkeys!
Now hear this, you turkeys! Listen to Diane Newby, the undead mother-in-law. Click to get yours!

The mother-in-law has landed! That is, her book, My Undead Mother-in-law (M.U.M.) has arrived at Jule Inc. Those who’ve won free books (four) and who’ve picked M.U.M. will get one. Those who haven’t picked a prize yet, contact me, Andy Zach.

Get your M.U.M! Click here!
Get your M.U.M! Click here!

Got Any More Books Coming Up?

Indeedy do! The third book in the Life After Life Chronicles, my humorous zombie books set in our modern society has the working title Paranormal Patriots. I want to publish it in April 2018.

Research topics I covered for the next book were Somali piracy and letters of marque. Did you know the last letter of marque was issued in 1815 for the ship the Grand Turk, to be used against the Barbary pirates? It was never used since the second Barbary pirate war ended.

Free Zombie Turkeys book
Color picture of US 16th President Lincoln. He almost issued a letter of marque.

Then later on President Lincoln thought of using them against the Confederacy but didn’t. The Confederacy, however, issued letters of marque against the Union.

Finally, Ron Paul introduced bills for letters of marque against Al-Qaida in 2001 and 2007. In 2010, a Navy lawyer researched the plausibility of letters of marque against modern pirates and concluded it was a good idea.

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Free Zombie Turkeys Book
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