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6 Editing Steps You Don’t Want to Miss

Before I get to my 6 editing steps, let me tell you about my story idea document. Before I begin my book, I jot down an outline of the book chapters and what will happen in each chapter.

As further ideas occur while I’m writing, I jot them down in the appropriate chapter notes. I also put links to any research or images I use in my book (Be sure to document your image sources or get public domain images.)

Finally, this document is also where I put my scene list and time time.  Here’s my table of contents of this document for My Undead Mother-in-law, my sequel to Zombie Turkeys.

6 Editing Steps
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6 Editing Steps
6 Editing Steps by Andy Zach for My Undead Mother-in-law

The First Three Steps of the 6 Editing Steps

Notice the bottom item, “Editing Priorities”? Here they are, for me:

Editing Priorities

  1. After first draft, create timeline, detailed scene flow – This is the first priority. Get a feel for your story structure and discover any holes. I covered this scene spreadsheet here in my blog post.
  2. Write missing scenes – This is essential.  Any plot holes have to be fixed.
  3. Add dialogue – fill in characters. This is also essential. Characters must be real and believable. Very often in the first draft I skimp on characterization and simply describe the action. It’s far better for the characters to interact and show their character through actions and dialogue

The Next Three Steps of the 6 Editing Steps

4. Check POV (Point of View) consistency and logic – Is the best person in the POV? Does it jump around in the scene or chapter? Are switches logical?

5. Read out loud – I cannot over emphasize how useful this is. First, you find your own bad wording, especially in dialogue. Next, you can find logic and POV errors you missed. Finally, you can read it to another person and get their ideas and feedback.

6. Go through the 11 points of self-editing here. These are good, practical points every writer should do before sending his or her manuscript to their professional editor, let alone publishing it.

Finally, Don’t Be Shy About Paying An Editor

All of what I’ve told you is what you should do before paying for a professional editor. I know I can’t edit my own work thoroughly; even if you are an editor, have another editor look it it.

Next, get as many eyes on the manuscript as you can before publishing.

There’s a lot more I can tell you. Check back tomorrow!

6 editing tips
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