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Posted On 03/16/2017 | Last Updates On 03/16/2017 | admin

Free Newsletter, Books, Gifts – Learn How Here

“You’ve got to be kidding. How can I get a free newsletter, books, gifts?” you ask.

Let me tell you in this blog post.

First, the free books. Yes, you have a choice of multiple books. Zombie Turkeys is one of them.

Free newsletter, gifts, books
Click on the Zombie Turkeys book cover to read a free excerpt.

Actually Zombie Turkeys is two of the free books. We also offer Zombie Turkeys audio book as a second gift. Your choice.

The third free book is My Undead Mother-in-law. You can read about it here:

Free newsletter, gifts, books
My Undead Mother-in-law cover hint

Here Are The Free Newsletter Details

On to the newsletter portion of this free newsletter, books, gifts blog post. I realized I’ve never provided an index to my free Zombie Turkeys Newsletter, You can subscribe here.  Here’s the first newsletter.

Volume 1 (That mean the first year of the newsletter)

Number 1 -Holiday Welcome Newsletter

Free newsletter books gifts
Vol. 1 No. 1 – Welcome to the Zombie Turkeys Newsletter

Number 2 – Happy New Year!

free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 2 – Happy New Year!

Then we have our snowflake newsletter:

Number 3 – Snowflake Gifts


Free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 3 – Snowflakes

Next, we have:

Newsletter 4 – Heart of Winter and Zombie Turkeys

Free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 4 – Zombie Turkeys in the heart of winter.

And Now, More Free Newsletters, Books, Gifts

Wait a second! Why do you care? You can get each and all of these newsletter!  How? Just by asking me!

And where are these gifts? And what are they? The gift offers are inside the newsletters to our newsletter subscribers. If you subscribe by clicking here, you become eligible for them.

Continuing our free newsletter index, we have this emergency newsletter next:

Number E – Emergency Announcement

free newsletter, books, gifts
Emergency announcement newsletter

And then:

Newsletter 5 – Superbowl Special

free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 5 – Superbowl Special

And not to forget this next one:

Newsletter 6 – Valentine’s Day

Free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 6 – Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Then we have:

Newsletter 7 – The First Robin Newsletter

free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 7 – The first robin seen

After this we have:

Newsletter 8 – The Celebration!

free newsletter, books, gifts
Newsletter 8 – The Celebration

Finally, we have:

Newsletter 9 – Spring Zombie Apocalypse News

free newsletters, books, gifts
Newsletter 9 – Spring Zombie Apocalypse News

Will You Finally Tell Me, What Are the Gifts?

OK. Now I will tell you the hidden gifts available only to newsletter subscribers.

First, you can get a signed first edition of of Zombie Turkeys graphic novel.

Free newsletter, books, gifts
One image from Andy Zach’s Zombie Turkeys Graphic novel application

Another image

free newsletter, books, gifts
Second image of the Zombie Turkeys Graphic Novel

Second, in addition to the free books, mentioned above, we give previews and excerpts.

Third, we also give free spreadsheets which can be used by writers for tracking their novels, income, and expenses.

Finally, you also will get announcements of Andy Zach author appearances on the web and in locations near you.

Oh, I almost forgot: in each newsletter, at the end, are other free newsletters and free books from other fantasy and science fiction authors. We promote each other’s newsletters this way.

So, subscribe now.

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