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Read The First Review of My Undead Mother-in-law Here

First Review of My Undead Mother-in-law
Get your “My Undead Mother-in-law” book by clicking here

Although My Undead Mother-in-law just launched August 5th, the First Review of My Undead Mother-in-law appeared on Goodreads and Book Pleasures. Written by Dr. Wesley Britton, who also reviewed Zombie Turkeys last January, he accurately describes the nature of the book.

You don’t want to follow the link to the review? The review text follows next.

First Review of My Undead Mother-in-law – Complete Text


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Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed: Andy Zach

Perhaps you haven’t heard: Andy Zach, THE Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed by four different interviews. Here’s the first one, from August 4th:

The original interview is at the Working Title Blogspot. Check it out by clicking on this link.

The other interviews follow in reverse time order.

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed: Part 2

Then there was this televised interview on WMBD Channel 31 in Peoria on August 1st.

These were in advance of my release of My Undead Mother-in-law on August 5th.

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed
Get your “My Undead Mother-in-law” book by clicking here

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed: Part 3

Then there was this previous blog post:

This is from Mackenzie Flohr’s blog, click here to go directly. This was published July 30th.

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed: Part 4

No interview would be complete without my original video interview with the Midley Beacon in 2016:



This interview, when published on the Midley Beacon, led that paper’s website in audience hits for over five minutes!

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed: What’s Next?

I had a detailed online interview by Jessie Sanders on July 31st. Here’s a portion of her email, telling you when you can listen to it:

your episode of Jessie’s Coffee Shop has been scheduled for: Fri, August 25, 9pm et.

You can go here to listen to her podcast interviewing me, Andy Zach, by clicking here.

Finally, When Did Your Writing Habit Begin, Andy?

Way back in elementary school!  In third and fourth grade, for English, we would write creative stories. I loved that! Later, in middle school (junior high, as it was called then) I wrote a humorous story about the Cleveland Indians winning the World Series. It was called, “The Rise in the Fall of the Cleveland Indians”.

Paranormal Animal Author Portrayed
Andy Zach, 6th-grade school photo

Then in high school, I wrote another comedy, “Gasso: the Thing from the Fume Hood”. That was my first paranormal animal work.

In college, I took a class in satire. What a delight! I wrote a parody of Barbara Cartland, a romance author who was wildly popular.

Sadly, I put aside my writing for thirty-seven years as I worked as a programmer, systems analyst, project manager, and Six Sigma Black Belt. I wrote a lot: I wrote non-fiction training manuals and many Bible studies, and a complete harmony of the gospels. But no paranormal animal parodies–until now.

First, on October 31st, 2016 I published Zombie Turkeys:

Get Midnight Zombie Turkeys Books Free Tonight!
Zombie Turkeys Print Cover. Click to download

Then, on August 5, 2017, I published My Undead Mother-in-law:

This will make you laugh
Click here to get the print copy of My Undead Mother-in-law.

And that catches you up with my writing history! Until next time, this is Andy Zach, signing off!

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You will get free books if . . . you check this out

‘This’ is the Andy Zach at Barnes and Noble author appearance. How will you get free books? Read and find out!

First, I, Andy Zach signed books and chatted with fans from 1 to 3 PM at Barnes and Noble in Peoria.

Here was the setting before the press of excited Zombie Turkeys fans closed in around the table:

get free books
Scene of Andy Zach’s book signing at Barnes and Noble in Peoria

People came by and I signed volume 1 of my Life After Life Chronicles Zombie Turkeys.

get free books
Zombie Turkeys print book. Click to download.

Some fans asked me about volume 2, My Undead Mother-in-law, which is also available at Amazon.

get free books

Click to download the book.

Several people asked me what inspired me to write these books. For Zombie Turkeys I said simply, “We fried a turkey and ate it. Around the dinner table someone said, ‘What if the turkey came back to life?’  ‘A zombie turkey!'”

“That thought thrilled me. What if turkeys came back to life as zombies? What a perfect way to satirize the whole zombie genre! So I wrote Zombie Turkeys in November 2015 for NaNoMo, national novel in November month. Click to find out more.”

What about My Undead Mother-in-law? And how do we get free books?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Where Zombie Turkeys focuses on zombie turkeys, in My Undead Mother-in-law I ask and answer the eternal question, “What should I do if my in-laws are zombies?”

Let’s start with the famous undead mother-in-law herself, Diane Newby.

get free books
Diane Newby, hosting her children for dinner.

Here’s Diane’s description from My Undead Mother-in-law:

“You know I love your mother. But your mother’s a zombie. Who wants to see one zombie, let alone four of them?”
“Now that’s not fair. Mom and Dad have adjusted to their zombiism very well. Mom still volunteers at church and bakes cookies and pies for the bake sales.”

Diane greeted us at the door. “Hello, my love!” She hugged Karen.

Karen barely flinched as she looked into her mother’s bright-red eyes. But she grunted “Ugh!” at the force of her embrace.

“Ease up, Mom.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Hello, Mom,” I said as I hugged her as hard I as could.

She hugged me back twice as hard.

“Ugh,” I grunted too.

Diane still had blond-highlighted brown hair, as she did when I first met her. She’d gained a pound or two though. She smelled of the body talc White Linen. I recognized it because Karen and I bought it for her birthday last year, pre-zombie. And she still wore her cat-eye reading glasses on a chain around her neck.”

No doubt you want to know more about Diane and her offspring. Next, I’ll tell you how to get my books for free.

Get free books by doing this

What do you think? Sacrifice your first born child? No. A chicken? No. A turkey? A good guess, but no.

You just have to write to me and promise to review my book, either Zombie Turkeys or My Undead Mother-in-law. Heck, you can cut and paste someone else’s review! Here they are, click here.

You can contact me here (click) and make your review promise. Or you can follow the next instructions.

But Andy, I don’t like to write! How can I get free books?

Glad you asked! Here is the final way you can get free books. Sign up for my newsletter. Each month I give away a free book to one of my subscribers. Just click here and enter your email.

That’s all for now!

This will make you laugh
Click here to get the print copy of My Undead Mother-in-law.

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New Zombie Turkeys Amazon Review

Amazing Amazon! A New Zombie Turkeys Amazon Review just appeared. Here’s the link:

But I don’t want you to have to click on the link. I’m proud to have this review of my book, Zombie Turkeys.

New Zombie Turkeys Amazon Review
Zombie Turkeys print book. Click to download.

New Zombie Turkeys Amazon Review, Quoted

Here you have the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Zombie turkey takeover., August 2, 2017
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Zombie Turkeys: How an Unknown Blogger Fought Unkillable Turkeys (The Life After Life Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Zombie turkey takeover.
This was a really cute book about turkeys turning zombie due to an infection that initially started in wild turkeys and spread to turkey farms. Due to genetic mutations in these zombie turkeys, they become wildly aggressive and kill anything they can spur or peck to death. Trouble is they can’t be killed easily. They can grow back heads, limbs, etc. and the flocks keep growing and growing. This becomes a great story for a reporter named Sam of the Midley Beacon. He and his editor Lisa chase the growing flocks of zombie turkeys that are coming from Illinois farms to get stories on the havoc they are wrecking. Lots of people are killed and through trial and error people discover that fire and salt water can stave off these flocks of fury. But despite efforts to contain and kill these turkeys, the numbers keep growing until the national guard is called in to help exterminate this epidemic. The author crafted a pretty good story as to how the turkeys became infected and wove in a bit of romance here and there. All in all it was a good read but it didn’t tie up as nicely as one would hope at the end but that’s because there is a book two.


Go Here for the Sequel My Undead Mother-in-law

Here’s the book:

author interview
New Book Coming! Get It by clicking here!

And here’s the party! The launch party goes from 9 AM to 5 PM Central (Chicago) time.

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Two Weekend Book Events for You – Don’t Miss Them

What are these Two Weekend Book Events for You? First, there is the My Undead Mother-in-law Facebook Launch Party. From anywhere and everywhere around the world people will pile into the party room–virtually.

Fantasy and Science Fiction authors will each host an hour of fun from 9 AM Central to 5 PM. I will give away four copies of my first book in the Life After Life Chronicles, Zombie Turkeys, and four copies of My Undead Mother-in-law, one each hour. Who knows what the other authors will do? Expect mayhem, quizzes, games, and free books!

two weekend book events
Get your “My Undead Mother-in-law” book by clicking here

What’s Next for Two Weekend Book Events?

This is the Big One: an actual, in-the-flesh appearance by the man himself, Andy Zach.

You read that right: Andy will sign both Zombie Turkeys and My Undead Mother-in-law at Barnes and Noble in Peoria.

What Are Zombie Turkeys Doing?
Zombie Turkeys print book. Click to download.

You don’t know if Andy is someone you ought to see? Check out this video of him from WMBD Channel 31.

Or, you can run his official interview with the paper made famous in Zombie Turkeys, The Midley Beacon:

Is That All There Is? Two Weekend Book Events?

That would be no! We have another book event and author appearance coming up in the metropolis of Chillicothe, Illinois.

If Peoria is too big and bustling for you to go there, go to the quiet town of Chillicothe the following week. It was the site of a bloody scene in Zombie Turkeys, but don’t worry–no zombie turkeys are there now.

Two weekend book events
Zombie Turkey, “I’m not in Chillicothe! Really!”

Chillicothe straddles Rt 29 and nestles next to the Illinois river. It’s next to the burgs of Lacon and Sparland, and about ten miles north of Peoria. At 2,000 people, Chilli is bigger than Midley, Illinois (population 512), but smaller than Peoria (110,000).

Andy will be just as alive there as he is in Peoria. And he will sign your books and answer your questions about his books, writing, and self publishing.

I look forward to seeing you!

Two Weekend Book Events
Andy Zach thanks you for reading his blog!


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