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Posted On 04/27/2017 | Last Updates On 04/27/2017 | admin

6 Writing Tips SEO and a Free Book

I’ve collected 6 Writing Tips SEO and a free book.  Enjoy!

First off, let me share some things I learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and images. Let me know what you think!

And here’s another fascinating tip about using visual elements to focus your reader’s attention:

First Tip

Here’s some good, practical advice about building your writing platform.  It’s good because it focuses on what works.

The Second Tip

Forget the idea of the lone writer in a garret. Instead copy Hemmingway, who worked with a group of writers.

Your Third Tip

If you pursue self-publishing for your book, don’t make these mistakes!

Your Fourth Tip on Instagram

Do you promote your books on Instagram? If so, this article can be helpful.

A Strange Turkey Occurrence

We interrupt your 6 Writing Tips SEO and free book blog post for a strange turkey news story.

Your Fifth Tip, On Typography

If you’re an author and you have a website, this article matters to you.

The Sixth and Last Tip – 13 Editing Tips

Here’s a .99 Book

Before the free book, I’ve got a .99 book for you.

Here’s a Free Book

I know, it’s not fantasy or science fiction. But it’s free and it’s a book! That’s two good things, right?

Finally, Enter Here for a Free Copy of Zombie Turkeys, or My Undead Mother-in-law

Why is it the best giveaways are last?  Oh, I know: it’s so you’ll read the whole article.  Unless you just skipped down to the bottom for the free stuff?  If so, you’re welcome to the free books!

To enter the monthly drawing (held on April 30th–so hurry!) first enter your email here.  Then click Subscribe button on the homepage. Finally, you’ll get a confirmation email which you need to confirm.

If you want to read free excerpts of Zombie Turkeys, you can go to the ebook page on Amazon and check it out.

That’s it for today!  Andy Zach, signing out!

6 Writing Tips SEO
Andy’s autographed picture
Free Zombie Book Drawing
Cover of Kindle edition of “Zombie Turkeys”. Click to download.

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Posted On 04/24/2017 | Last Updates On 04/24/2017 | admin

Andy Zach Sighting at Her Majesty’s Tea Room – 22% Book Discount Ensues!

First of all, thanks to all the Zombie Turkeys fans who showed up and got a 22% book discount at Her Majesty’s Tea Room.  And a special thanks to those who signed up for the newsletter! Did you know I raffle off a free book every month to one of the newsletter subscribers? And, if you get your friends to sign up for the newsletter, you get an extra entry for each one!

Wait a Second Andy! What’s This 22% Book Discount?

I’ll cover the discount next.  My paperback book Zombie Turkeys retails at 12.95. When I sell my book at any author appearance, I discount it to $10. It makes making change easier.

22% Book Discount
Zombie Turkeys Novel Cover. Click to buy.

And then the books fly off the table!

22% book discount
Zombie Turkeys fly to subscribe to Zombie Turkeys Newsletter!

Who Else Was At Her Majesty’s Tea Room?

I’m glad you asked!  At my table was Kim Kouski, author of

Then there were Jim and Rob Conover, brothers who write murder mysteries and paranormal detective novels respectively.

Next, across the aisle was Eryn Laplant, a romance author:

Then Caryl Macadoo was on the other side of the room. She won the award for the most published novels: nineteen. Ten were traditionally published and nine were self-published.

Next to her was John Spencer, a historic western author.

Then there was one more table I photographed, but I didn’t get the author’s name!  Shame on me!

Here’s the next picture I have of Kim Kouski and the beauty of the table setting, courtesy of owner of Her Majesty’s Tea Room and author, Jackie Gillam-Fairchild.

Finally, Jackie was kind enough to put up a post of a turkey for me outside her shop:

How You Can Get A 22% Book Discount

Simple! First contact me, Andy Zach on this link, or through my email Then secondly, tell me where you want me to appear in your town. I’m making my schedule now.

Then when I show up, buy your paperback of Zombie Turkeys and My Undead Mother-in-law. This sequel, the second volume of my “Life After Life Chronicles”, will be on sale in July 2017.

Free Zombie Book Drawing
Preview Cover of “My Undead Mother-in-law”

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Posted On 04/17/2017 | Last Updates On 04/17/2017 | admin

Free Zombie Book Drawing! Don’t Miss It! Here’s How You Do It

There are two ways to get entry into the monthly Zombie Turkeys free zombie book drawing.

First, subscribe to the newsletter here.

Free Zombie Book Drawing
I’m in the Zombie Turkeys Sequel


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