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Free SciFi Flash Fiction and Custom Artwork

You can get Free SciFi Flash Fiction and Custom Artwork right here. First the custom artwork by Dex.

Free SciFi Flash Fiction and Custom Artwork
Spaceship crashing

I saw this picture on the SciFi Roundtable on Facebook. We were to write some flash fiction, no more than two hundred words, based on the picture. I then contacted Dex and asked him if I could post his art here. He graciously permitted it. If you wish to use it, please contact him at his website here.

Where is the free flash fiction, Andy?

Eager, aren’t you? I put it at the bottom of the post! I want YOU to write YOUR flash fiction about this art first. Just enter it in the comment area. If you’re too shy, send me an email by clicking here.

Before you get to your free flash fiction, let me tell you about my science fiction history.  I didn’t always write comic paranormal animal humor. I began by writing science fiction–in the third grade.

Before that, I discovered science fiction in the school library; this copy of Robert Heinlein’s Have Spacesuit Will Travel.

Have Space suit.jpg
The cover of the first science fiction book Andy Zach read.

What boy obsessed with science and the space program in 1963 could resist this cover? And the book was better than the cover.

My third-grade fiction I wrote? It was derived from the Lensmen series. I had force fields and ray guns and evil alien Martians.

Now I’ve established my retro SciFi credentials, the Free SciFi Flash Fiction

With no further ado, I present to you my Free SciFi Flash Fiction. Don’t forget to write your own in the comments. I assume you just scrolled down here. I’ll send a free book this month to the one I like the best!

“Criminey!” Jed swore as the rocket engine began to fail. The liquid oxygen, liquid acetylene mix was off in the red zone. “While we’re landing, naturally!”

“Looks like it’s O2 pump again,” said Betty Sue, his wife and co-pilot as she studied her instrument panel.

“Can you fix it?”

“Not before we crash. I’ll need at least ten minutes to get there and thaw out the frozen pieces.”

“This’ll be the last time I get a bargain on a rocket motor!”

“Probably true, sadly for us.”

“You can’t think of ANY way to fix it in, say, five minutes?”

“There IS a way, but you’d have to be crazy to try it.”

“I’m crazy and desperate!”

“Turn off the motors and dive.”

“That’s crazy!”

“Yeah, so are you. Turning off the motors stops the cryrogenic fuel. Diving generates friction, which might loosen the frozen oxygen pump.”

“Here goes!”


Your Free SciFi Flash Fiction Follows (in the comments)

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