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Posted On 09/04/2017 | Last Updates On 09/04/2017 | admin

3 Steps to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse – and a Bonus

A Zombie Apocalypse – don’t you hate when that happens? I sure do and I documented on I survived:

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Fortunately for you, I’ve run across great advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse, in one easy-to-understand infographic:

Yes, as I say in this post, these techniques work on ordinary zombies, but zombie turkeys are a different critter altogether. Grinding them to sausage works well, but most people don’t carry around a sausage grinder or woodchipper.  What’s a zombie survivalist to do?

Here’s Your Zombie Apocalypse Bonus!

Don’t you worry about being beset by zombie turkeys! I know just what to do!

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A crowd of zombie turkeys, on Thanksgiving at midnight!

Check out this next video! It shows you exactly how to treat any zombie turkeys you find!

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You may not have seen this poster given to me by my friend Jackie Gillam-Fairchild of the award-winning Her Majesty’s Tearoom in Dunlap, Illinois.

She gave this to me when I had an author signing there.

Then there’s this long-omitted video that must accompany my Zombie Turkeys web page:

Why don’t you comment to this post about when you first saw this video? Or, simply contact me!

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No post would be complete without something free given away! I recently set up a free excerpt of Zombie Turkeys on CreateSpace. Check it out!

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But wait! There’s more!

If you continue reading this blog post you will get yet another free book preview.

In fact, you don’t have to read anymore. Here it is!

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As always, I Andy Zach stand behind every word I write!

3 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips
Andy Zach, standing behind his 3 Zombie Survival Tips

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