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Posted On 07/22/2017 | Last Updates On 07/22/2017 | admin

Get Zombie Turkeys Book Free Tonight At Midnight!

“Get Zombie Turkeys Book Free Tonight At Midnight!” Say what???

Get Free Zombie Turkeys Book Tonight!
A crowd of zombie turkeys, on Thanksgiving at midnight!

You read that right: tonight, July 23rd, at midnight, the Zombie Turkeys book goes free on Kindle. Click on the book below to get it now:

Get Zombie Turkeys Book Free
Zombie Turkeys Print Cover. Click to get free on July 23rd

What Else Do You Have For Me, Andy? Besides “Get Zombie Turkeys Book Free”

Lots! I also have my new book My Undead Mother-in-law available for pre-sale on Amazon too:

New Book Coming! Get It For Free! Here's How
New Book Coming! Get It For Free! Click to download!

Or, if you want to get the print book, click here:

My Undead Mother-in-law Book
Get your “My Undead Mother-in-law” book by clicking here

I Hate Buying Online! How Can I Get Your Books?

No problem! First of all, go to Barnes and Noble in Peoria:

Free Author Reading
Zombie Turkeys Fly Off the Shelves at Peoria Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Click for more info.

Second, there’s also the Book Nook in Peoria, following next:

Andy Zach at the Book Nook in Peoria
Andy Zach at the Book Nook in Peoria Click for info.

Third, there’s Her Majesty’s Tea Room in Dunlap, Illinois. Go there now!

Author Appearance
Andy Zach at Her Majesty’s Tea Room. Click for info.

Fourth, there’s also Lit-On-Fire in Peoria;

New Video Book Excerpt
Andy Zach laughing as he gives away the store. Lit-on-Fire click here!

We’re not done yet! There’s a fifth location where you buy Andy Zach books and it was the first to sell them: “I Know You Like A Book”:

Andy Zach Thinking About his book at I Know You Like A Book. Click here. 

I Don’t Live in Peoria. What Can You Do For Me?

I’ve got you covered. Simply contact me here by email or send me a snail mail with a check for $12.95 and I’ll send you a copy of my book, postage paid.  Click here to Contact Me.

We’ll close with pages 5-6 of the Zombie Turkeys graphic novel, never before seen online!

Zombie Turkeys graphic novel pages 5-6
Zombie Turkeys graphic novel pages 5-6



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