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Posted On 04/17/2017 | Last Updates On 04/17/2017 | admin

Free Zombie Book Drawing! Don’t Miss It! Here’s How You Do It

There are two ways to get entry into the monthly Zombie Turkeys free zombie book drawing.

First, subscribe to the newsletter here.

Free Zombie Book Drawing
I’m in the Zombie Turkeys Sequel

Secondly, to get more chances to enter, get your friends and family to subscribe.  Then send their emails to me, Andy Zach, at my contact email, I will give you another chance to win for each subscription.

What Are You Offering In The Free Zombie Book Drawing?

First of all, the Zombie Turkeys paperback:

Free Zombie Book Drawing
Zombie Turkeys print book. Click to download.

Secondly, you can select the ebook version on Kindle:

Free Zombie Book Drawing
Cover of Kindle edition of “Zombie Turkeys”. Click to download.

Thirdly, you can get the audio version of Zombie Turkeys when it comes out this year:

Or, You Can Get a Free Copy of the Sequel!

The next book in the “Life After Life Chronicles” is My Undead Mother-in-law. That’s your fourth free book option!

Free Zombie Book Drawing
Preview Cover of “My Undead Mother-in-law”

It’s scheduled out for July 2017. Mark your calendar!

Finally, as the last prize option, we’re offering the first edition copy of Zombie Turkeys graphic novel. Here’s a sample of Sean Flanagan’s preliminary artwork:

Free zombie book drawing
Trial page of Zombie Turkeys Graphic Novel

Sean Flanagan also did the front and back covers of Zombie Turkeys and My Undead Mother-in-law.


Illinois Zombie Ready
Sam Melvin fighting zombie turkeys from Zombie Turkeys. Click picture to download.

Got Anything Else, Andy?

You bet! Just today I got some statistics on my Grammarly software use. I started using this writing program last week. I didn’t realize they’d send me usage statistics.  Here’s the first one:

Then the next stat contains my errors:

Finally, the third stat has my vocabulary:

I’d love to say these stats made my day, but what really thrills me is each time one of my readers reviews my book! Before you go can you do that, as a last favor to me?

Free Zombie Book Drawing
Click on the Zombie Turkeys book cover to read a free excerpt.

And as a last favor and final freebie to you, I’ll offer you a free autographic at my appearance at Her Majesty’s Tea Room in Dunlap Illinois this coming Sunday, April 23rd.

If you can’t make it, let me know if you’d like me to appear in your town! Drop me a line!

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